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DS90UB936-Q1: SENSOR_STS_x register monitoring - nformation from serializer to deserializer forwarding

Part Number: DS90UB936-Q1
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DS90UB935-Q1

Hello E2E Experts,

Question on behalf of customer:

I’m working on a task where I need to monitor sensor deserializer (DS90UB936-Q1) registers SENSOR_STS_0 (0x51) - SENSOR_STS_3 (0x54) which contains forwarded data from serializer (DS90UB935-Q1).  
Could you help me to match signals between the serializer and deserializer? I didn’t found any information regarding this but I’ve some findings regarding this topic


Let’s start with the SENSOR_STS_3 register from the deserializer


(des) CSI_ECC_2BIT_ERR = (ser, CSI_ERR_STATUS, Address 0x5D) ECC_2BIT_ERR



Do the above signals match correctly between serializer and deserializer? Screen from serializer


(des) CSI_SOT_ERR = (ser, CSI_ERR_DLANE01, Address 0x5E, CSI_ERR_DLANE23, Address 0x5F) SOT_ERROR_1, 2, 3, 4 (are those signals logically sum?)

(des) CSI_SYNC_ERR = (ser, CSI_ERR_DLANE01, Address 0x5E CSI_ERR_DLANE23, Address 0x5F) SOT_SYNC_ERROR_1, 2, 3, 4 (are those signals logically sum?)

(des) CSI_CNTRL_ERR = (ser, CSI_ERR_DLANE01, Address 0x5E CSI_ERR_DLANE23, Address 0x5F) CNTRL_ERR_HSRQST_1, 2, 3, 4 (are those signals logically sum?)



SENSOR_STS_2 (deserializer, Address 0x53) and SENSOR_STS_1 (deserializer, Address 0x52)

I didn’t find any match between the serializer and deserializer. I’ve only found information about reading values when temperature or voltage is above or below the threshold, as you can find below




Take a look at registers and signals that could match each other


(des) CSI_ALARM = (ser, Address 0x1C) register ALARM_CSI_EN (logical sum of all signals in that register?)

(des) BCC_ALARM = (ser, Address 0x1E) register ALARM_BC_EN (logical sum of all signals in that register?)

(des) LINK_DETECT_ALARM = (ser, GENERAL_STATUS, Address 0x52) LINK_DET from?

(des) TEMP_SENSE_ALARM = (ser, ALARM_SENSE_EN, Address 0x1D) T_OVER, T_UNDER (logical sum of those signals ?)

(des) VOLT1_SENSE_ALARM = (ser, ALARM_SENSE_EN, Address 0x1D) V1_OVER, V1_UNDER  (logical sum of those signals ?)

(des) VOLT0_SENSE_ALARM = (ser, ALARM_SENSE_EN, Address 0x1D) V0_OVER, V0_UNDER  (logical sum of those signals ?)


Are you able to provide information regarding those pairs? Are they correct?