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USB-CTM-MINIDK-EVM: HDMI output doesn't work

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: HD3SS460


I'm testing HDMI output on USB-CTM-MINIDK-EVM board, but it doesn't work.

The other functions of the board work perfectly.

The host side is a Galaxy Tab S6 which has ALT mode, and it surely works with other TypeC-to-DP modules.

Sound is also not working.

When the type C cable is connected between the Galaxy Tab S6 and the board, the sound of the Galax Tab S6 goes mute, just as an external sound device was connected.

But, I cannot listen anything from the 3.5mm pi jack on the board.

All the result are the same when I connect 20V source to the DC jack.

Do I have to config something before I use it?

Below is the connection status.

  • Hi,

    Does mDP (J33) work in this case, but not the HDMI port?

    If mDP works, but not the HDMI port, can you probe the HDMI_D3P and see if there is a clock output?


  • Hi David,

    I don't have mDP cable for now, I just ordered it.

    It will arrive next Monday, and I can test the mDP port with it soon. 

    I will leave the result here after testing it.

    I tried to read something from the debug port J32, and please see the below.

    BobcatApp Ver:1.39 Nov 23 2015 16:40:17
    Cut %d.%dR
    *Forced PCON?

    EdidRD OK

    I assume MCDP2850 works.

    Can you get something wrong with the debug information?



  • John

    With mDP cable, we can tell if the issue is with the STDP4320 or MCDP2850. But the support I can provide will be limited because these are not TI parts. You may ask for a EVM replacement.



  • Hi David,

    It didn't work with mDP cable either.

    I couldn't see any reaction from the Galaxy tab S6 nor my Macbook pro.

    They normally report something about the new display connection when a USB C-DP converter connected on the USB type C port.

    How can I get it replaced?

    One more question:

    Is there anything to set up on the board before I use it?

    In the manual, I saw below.

    "3 USB Type-C Mini Dock Quick-Start Guide

    The following steps are provided for a quick-start using the EVM:

    Step 1. Connect the USB Type-C Enabler Board to the PC with a USB Type-A to USB-B cable and a DisplayPort Cable.

    Step 2. Connect the USB Type-C Enabler Board to the USB Type-C Mini Dock EVM with a USB Type-C cable."

    What is USB Type-C Enabler Board?

    I don't have it, but can I just ignore it?



  • John

    The Type-C Enabled Board is the TUSB1046 EVM, The EVM takes the DP and USB and mux them into Type-C. If the Galaxy tab S6 or Macbook Pro already has Type-C that supports DP Alt Mode, then you can ignore the enabled board.

    Do you have a Type-C analyzer that can capture the PD log between the Galaxy tab S6 or Macbook Pro and the MINIDK-EVM? I want to see if the DP Alt Mode and the number of DP lane are negotiated successfully.

    You can also probe the HD3SS460 POL, AMSEL, and EN pin and make sure the PD controller is correctly setting the HD3SS460 for the DP Alt Mode over Type-C.



  • David,

    Unfortunately, I don't have Type-C analyzer.

    Below is the value of HD3SS460's pins:

    when HDMI connected,  J28 connected, and no matter J30 is connected

    POL : LOW


    EN : HIGH

    I have a USB type-C(ALT mode) - to -DP board.

    please refer to

    I tested it with Galaxy Tab S6 and Macbook Pro 15 (2016), and they worked successfully with it.

    Galaxy Tab S6 and Macbook Pro noticed that a DP converter was detected when I connected it.

    The surely support DP Alt mode.

    I bought this MINIDK-EVM because I expected a similar result.

    I think it's supposed to be the same, isn't it?


  • John

    With POL : LOW, AMSEL : HIGH, EN : HIGH, the HD3SS460 is configured for 4 lane DP mode. If you flip the Type-C cable, you should see POL : High, AMSEL : HIGH, EN : HIGH

    Can you make sure the HPD is driving high and also measure the voltage on AUXP/AUXN?

    Do you have a DP protocol analyzer that can snoop the AUX traffic between the EVM and a DP monitor?



  • David,

    Yes, I found POL goes HIGH when I flipped the cable.

    AUXP : 2.9~3.0V

    AUXN : 0V

    I measured them on R1068 and R1067.

    (It's really hard to find parts and nets on the board because of the small silk letters)

    But nothing changed on those pins when I removed the HDMI and re-plug it.

    I have no DP protocol analyzer.

    David, I guess I have a bad sample.

    I don't think this is so hard to make a video output on the HDMI port.

    Galaxy Tab S6 and Macbook Pro 2016 surely support DP alt mode, and they should be able to detect it when a type-C to DP converter is connected.

    This would be simple if the board works correctly.

    Would you please let me know how to get it replaced?

    (I live in Seoul, Korea)


  • John

    Please work with your local TI sales office to start the return/exchange process.