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DP83867E: Requirement Information for Power Supply

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Part Number: DP83867E

Hi ,

We are using the DP83867E SGMII Transceiver, and need inputs in below points for designing the power supply for the same VDDA2P5 ,VVDD1P0, VDDA1P8 .

Output Accuracy ,


Undershoot ,

Step Load (Iccstep),

Di/Dt ,

Slew Rate ,

Ripple Voltage

Please help in providing details for all 3 rails above requirements, it will surely help us.



  • Hi Vikas,

    Output accuracy, overshoot, and slew rate are already covered in the ABS MAX and ROC portion of the datasheet.

    We do not have specific requirements for undershoot, step load, di/dt or ripple.

    Best regards,

    Ross Pimentel

    Ethernet - Applications Engineer

  • In reply to Ross Pimentel:


    I am planning to use TPS7A54-Q1 LDO for the supply rail 2.5V have current 86mA, Please suggest or is there any other recommendation.

    Also is there any start up ramp time requirement for this rail ??


    Vikas G.

  • In reply to vikas gupta1:

    Hi Vikas,

    There is only a sequence requirement if you are using 3 supply mode.

    That LDO will work well with the DP83867E. Ramp time should generally not exceed 50ms.

    Best regards,

    Ross Pimentel

    Ethernet - Applications Engineer