HD3SS3212: HD3SS3212 used at SATA and PCIE gen3

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Part Number: HD3SS3212

Hello BU team,

My customer used GML CPU and intends to switch SATA gen3and PCIE gen3 on SSD application. Can they use HD3SS3212 for switching the signals Tx/Rx ?

Do you have refernce SCH for such application ?

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  • We don't have reference SCH for such application, but it should work. Just be careful of AC cap placement.

  • In reply to Brian Zhou:


    Thanks and can I have MUX TX/Rx AC cap value suggestions on PCIe gen 3 and SATA gen 3?

    Also needs to know the loss on SATA gen3 for our MUX , thanks.

  • In reply to Ray Lin:

    ac cap is around 100nf.

    loss for SATA gen 3 ( 6Gbps) is around -1db (at 3Ghz)