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[DS90UB954-Q1EVM] Need profiles and scripts with DS90UB954/953-Q1 EVM

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Hi TI:

inside the DS90UB953-Q1EVM documentation page 30-32, there is mention of the following python files :

954 EVM:

1. P954_SETUP_A0_4G.py

2. P954_A0_RX0_CSI_Enable.py

3. ovt_1280_1080_30fps_REMOTE.py

Can you provide these pythons scripts to us for testing 953 and 954 EVM?


Dark Hou

  • Hello Dark,

    I don't see any of those items mentioned in the EVM user's guide. Are you sure you are looking at the latest version downloaded from TI.com? Those files are old pre production scripts for prototype silicon. 

    Production python example scripts for 954/953 are available in this directory when you install our ALP GUI: C:\Program Files (x86)\Texas Instruments\Analog LaunchPAD v1.57.0010\PreDefScripts\DS90UB954

    Best Regards,


  • In reply to Casey McCrea:

    Hi Casey:

    We use ALP with version v1.57.0010.

    We can't find PreDefScripts folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Texas Instruments\Analog LaunchPAD v1.57.0010\.

    Do we need to download anything from website additionly?


  • In reply to dark hou:

    Hi Casey:

    We find PreDefScripts now.

    Which script should we execute if I want ti test 953 and 954 EVM board?



  • In reply to dark hou:

    Hello Dark,

    In the following ALP software folder

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Texas Instruments\Analog LaunchPAD v1.57.0010\PreDefScripts\DS90UB954

    there's an example script called "953to954_patgen_YUV_1920x1080p-4Lanes-Working.py"

    This shows an example setting up of 953 Patgen (from 954 side) to send a pattern to 954 for testing.

    You can run this from scripting window of a connected 954EVM (with 953EVM connected over fpdlink) and see in Infotab as below

    Also, in the same ALP 954 predefscripts folder you can find a python file called


    This shows how an example OVT camera sensor is setup along with 953 and 954.