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SN75LVPE801: The type of AC coupling capacitor.

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Part Number: SN75LVPE801

High dielectric constant type: B / X5R, R / X7R.
Temperature compensation type: CH, COG.
Please tell me the type and size of 0.1u, 0.22u, 0.47u described in the data sheet.

  • Hi,

    For AC coupling and device decoupling we use either X5R or X7R dielectrics a general purpose ceramic capacitor will work fine across the full industrial temperature range.

    I typically recommend using capacitor body sizes that are small to reduce PCB layout issues with impedance control.  For this device I would recommend using 0402 size capacitors or smaller.

    I recommend the SN75LVPE801 only for SATA applications.  For PCIe applications please look at the DS80PCI102 or DS125BR111.



  • In reply to Lee Sledjeski:

    I understand the capacitor type.
    Used with PCIe Gen2 and 3.
    Since there are many channels, I want to use SN75LVPE801 in consideration of the price.
    Software setting is also troublesome.
    Is SN75LVPE801 NG?
  • In reply to user3991183:

    For more channels we have the DS80PCI402, DS80PCI800, or DS80PCI810.  There is also a 4 channel device DS160PR410.

    All of these devices can be configured with pin settings or EEPROM download at power-up.

    Some new PCIe systems will not detect the LVPE801 device.