TIC12400-Q1: How is the device going to react in case of external regulation capacitors short circuit?

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How is the TIC12400-Q1 device going to react in case of a capacitor short circuit?

I would say that in case of a capacitor short circuit, the internal regulators and there voltages are compromised and so the MSDI will no longer be able to work properly.


Can you please confirm and elaborate more on this case? 

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  • Hi Adam,

    The external regulation capacitors are decoupling capacitors for the 3 internal regulators of the device to stabilize the voltage output.

    The TIC12400-Q1 device will turn off in case of a capacitor short circuit. When the device turns off, the register contents are lost if the VS voltage drops below VPOR_F.

    To turn the device back on, the VS voltage must be raised back above VPOR_R (Details in Device Initialization section of the datasheet)

    See details on this from the datasheet below: