DS90UB934-Q1: Initialisation Sequence for Deserializers

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Part Number: DS90UB934-Q1

Hi all,

On top of the above link, I can't able to communicate with DS90UB933 Serializer from DS90UB934 Deserializer.

In 934 Deserializer, Address: 0x04 (Status Register), showing : 0xc0

this means, LOCK not happened between serializer and Deserializer and its not passed also.

In our board, we are not using any IO Expander for FPD Communication as like D3/EVM. I muxed GPIO to control all pins.

The steps i followed in pinmux for FPD Initialization via USB Type C (STP) :

  • Set PDB pin configured as output and set high for all FPD Link channels.
  • Set OEn pin configured as output and set high for all FPD Link channels
  • Lock and Pass pins are not set to High or Low.
  •     {0x01, 0x02},
  •     {0x4c, 0x01},
  •     {0x02, 0x9e},   
  •     {0x6D, 0x03},
  •     {0x58, 0x58},
  • Then passing Address and Alias Addres of serializer and sensor.

How to LOCK the SER-DESER to communicate via FPD STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) Cable ?

Can anyone help me, regarding the above issue. Its little-bit emergency.



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  • In reply to ARUN KUMAR1:

    Hi Arun,

    Can you check if you receive an acknowledgement when you write to register reg 0x5C? If not, can you try to communicate to the serializer using the real I2C address? Can you also try multiple systems to see if you are seeing the same issues?

  • In reply to Jiashow Ho:

    Hi Jiashow,

    There is some hardware problem faced before in our custom hardware. Now, Its cleared. I can read Deserializer, Serializer, Sensor.

    But, I am not able to capture RAW data from VIP.

    BTW when i probe on Data lines, Data traffic is there. So, I am looking in VIP configuration (Software Side).

    But, I am not getting interrupt in VIP. Deserializer Data is in Rising Edge. But, For Experment : I checked with Rising Edge and Falling Edge.

    In Serializer : General Status Register Reads (0x0C) : Valid PCLK not Detected. What's this mean ?

    Please check the register status of Deserializer and Serializer. 7888.Ser-Deser.txt

    Inform me for any changes, need to do to get data.



  • In reply to ARUN KUMAR1:

    Hi Arun,

    Could you check if you are supplying a valid PCLK to the device?



  • In reply to Jiashow Ho:

    Hi Jaishow,

    Yes, I measured in CRO both sensor side and board side. Both side I'm getting PCLK = 96 MHz.

    HSYNC / VSYNC also fine.

    Have you saw the register dump of deserializer and serializer??? 

    Is anything wrong in that values ??