DS90UH948-Q1: DS90UH949-Q1 touch panel

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Part Number: DS90UH948-Q1

Dear TI Exprts

Our customer is using  serializer  DS90UH949-Q1  and  deserializer is DS90UH948-Q1 and a touch panel over I2C of the deserializer(DS90UH948-Q1).

Now they met with a problem need your help: Touch Panel  cannot be used normally

At most of the time, touch panel can work normally, but sometimes it cannot be used,rebooting the system will return to normal.

When the touch panel cannot be used, the I2C CLK of  949  is pulled to 0V; the I2C CLK and data  of 948 are normal(High)

Can you give me any advices? Thank you very much~


Best Regards

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  • Hello Qianqian,

    Would it be possible for you to send us a scope capture or logic analyzer trace showing the I2C traffic when this issue occurs?

    Also can you share any programming steps you are using for 949/948?

    Best Regards,