TCAN1051V-Q1: abnormal behavior on CANH, CANL.

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Part Number: TCAN1051V-Q1


we are trying to replace TJA1051T on customer's board with TCAN1051V-Q1 but find it not working.

The schematic is as below:

With our device, the schematic is as below:

CH1-TXD-yellow,+5V/0V waveform

CH2-CANH to GND- green,constant 1.6V

CH3-CANL to GND- purple,constant 0V

CH4 is CANH to CANL- blue,constant 1.6V.

So the problem is why it's constant 1.6V not 2.5V, why it's not switching along with TXD goes high and low.

With the same circuit if we place TJA1051T/3. The waveform is good as below:

CH1 is TXD,5V/0V switching.

CH2 is CANH to GND,3.6V/2.5V switching.

CH3 is CANL to GND,2.54V/1.43V switching.

CH4 is CANH to CANL,2.2V/0V switching.

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  • Hi Howard,

    You should not be seeing this strange behavior. Is this observed across multiple units? Can you please double check the solder connections and pin 1 orientation? Is a 5 V supply measured at pins 3 and 5? What is the state of the RXD output?