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DS90UB925Q-Q1: ds90ub925, ds90ub926

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Customer target is send 8-bits video with 4-GPIOs with DS90UB925-926 application.

DS90UB9025/926 can uses 4 GPIOs under 18bit mode, so below scheme is available?

  R8bits->R[7:2],G[7:6](or similar), 4GPIO->G[1:0], R[1:0]

If not, would you please advise proper usage for R8-bits and 4 GPIOs?


  • Hello Jin-Suk,

    For 925/926, the normal GPIO pins are only available in 18 bit color mode. If the customer needs to use 24 bit color (8 bits per color), then they can not use the RGB pins for GPIO as you have shown above. 

    However the I2S pins can be used as extra GPIO and you can see more details on this here: http://www.ti.com/lit/an/snla234/snla234.pdf

    Best Regards,


  • In reply to Casey McCrea:

    Hi~ McCrea.

    Customer don't use RGB888, only uses R8 bits only.(Green and Blue 8 bits don't use.)

    So I asked if can use only R 6bits and G or B 2 bits(all others 0) in RGB666 mode for 4 GPIOs.

    Is it possible?

  • In reply to Jin-Suk Choi:

    Hello Jin,

    Sure, if the customer does not care about the top G and B bits, then they can set the device for 24 bit color mode but carry GPIO signals on the top G and B bits. 

    Best Regards,