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Compiler/DS92LX1622: CAD Pin and I2C Address Decoder

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Part Number: DS92LX1622

Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler

I'm trying to use DS92LX1621/DS92LX1622 pair in camera mode. 
i am using below circuit to connect to DS92LX1622 chip via I2C to my HOST.
at first i tied CAD pin to GND with 0ohm resistor and i used "110 0000" ID to assess the chip on HOST side the problem was that DS92LX1622 do not acknowledge the I2C packet frames.(investigated via Oscilloscope)
then i changed the RID to 2.0K and used "110 0001" ID on my I2c_master controller , now it works fine and i can easily read/write DS92LX1622 internal registers.
why it is like this?