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Part Number: TCAN1145EVM

Hi, I have a TCAN1145EVM and I wish to control it using the onboard MCU and SPI.

As I understand it II can use USB2ANY. Is this correct? 

Is there a USB2ANY based TCAN1145EVM specific GUI? and if so where can I download it? or how do I request it??

Also, where can I download USB2ANY SDK version 2.8.2? I have the 2.8.2 API document but not the SDK software itself.

I have USB2ANY SDK but I would like to use the latest if it is available.

kind regards

  • John,

    The GUI for the TCAN1145EVM using USB2ANY will be released with the full device release, which is targeted for next month. The GUI will be available through the TCAN1145-Q1 product page. 

    I'm not sure about the USB2ANY SDK version, I know to get the latest firmware on whichever processor you're using you can start up the USB2ANY Explorer software with the processor connected and it will automatically update the firmware. I'm not sure about the SDK though, that question would probably need to be directed to the USB2ANY team that supports the module. The USB2ANY support forum is located in the Amplifiers forum.


    Eric Hackett

    Texas Instruments | INT-TRX| Applications Engineer

  • In reply to Eric Hackett:

    Thanks Eric, that is great news.

    couple more questions if I may:

    Will there also be sample code made available or even a 1145-Q1 driver??

    Is any such sample or driver code available now and if so where can I download it?

    Do TI have an SDK for such chips?

    Kind regards,

    John Coppola

  • In reply to john coppola:

    Hi John,

    Sample code for TCAN1145-Q1 is in development and we hope to have it available at the same time as the GUI if not slightly later. 

    I'm unsure about SDKs for USB2ANY so I will let Eric comment on this (he will be out today). The sample code is being programmed on an MSP430FR6989 device and will use abstract enough functions that it should be easy to port to hardware with other firmware requirements.

    Eric Schott

  • In reply to Eric Schott1:

    Thats great news. I look forward to it. Many tanks for your support and assistance.