DP83867CR: DP83867CRRGZT temperature testing issue with full load

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Part Number: DP83867CR

Hi TI team,

We are using DP83867CRRGZT consumer grade (0DC to +70DC) part for our project intended for residential application (as emergency calling device over Ethernet).

We have conducted temperature testing (from 0DC to +55DC) on open setup (without enclosure) with full load (Ethernet, DMIC, speaker, LEDs, etc.

The board works fine from +1DC to +55DC with full load. Between 0DC to +1DC, Eth link fails (8 out of 10 times) and we lose access of the board. I have attached setup images for your reference.

Ethernet PHY is on the bottom side (opposite side of what we can see in image) of white colored board.

We just kept board in a thick plastic box and closed the box. Power and Ethernet cables are taken out from hole of plastic box as seen in the image. Please suggest what could be the issue between 0DC to +1DC when Ethernet is not working most of the time.

Let me know if you need any other details.


Nija Mankodi

+91 7405533797

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  • Hello Nija,

    1. Do you power down and power up the board before checking for link at each temperature? Or you just establish the link at room temperature and then sweep the temperature to see if the link drops? (Trying to understand the sequence tested when you see the link drop)

    2. Do you have access to PHY registers? If so can you check if the link drop recovers after writting register 0x001F = 0x8000 to the PHY (software reset register).




  • In reply to Vikram Sharma99:

    Hi Vikram,

    Sorry for being late on this.

    1) For your query# 1, we you establish the link at room temperature and then sweep the temperature (room temperature to +55DC to room temperature to 0DC and then again to room temperature. In a nutshell, we do temperature sweep in our product's operating temperature range.

    2) We will check your poinr#2 and revert ASAP.

    Again, along with open-board, we have also tested our board with enclosure but we are getting same issue. Attached enclosed device images for your reference.

  • In reply to Nija Mankodi:

    Hi Vikram,

    Any update on this?