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DS90UB921-Q1: ub921 register setting

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Part Number: DS90UB921-Q1

Hi team,

My customer is using UB921 for their application and setting the register 0x04 bit[3:2] as 'high'.

But I couldn't find the related description on the datasheet since it was reserved.

Could you help to share more advice for those bits and how to use them?



  • Hi James,

    Why is your customer changing this registers value? These two bits should be left as 0. 


    Michael W.

  • In reply to Michael.Walker:

    Hi Michael

    The colleague who set the register has left and I can't get more information from datasheet. I want to confirm what is the use of setting the register 0x04 bit[3:2] as high.If these two bits should be left as 0,I'll follow your recommend.


  • In reply to user5874541:

    Hello James,

    The sister device to 921 (925) uses these bits to control backwards compatibility to 906, but 921 does not have such a feature. Those bits should be left low on 921 

    Best Regards,