TUSB1210EVM: how can HS/OTG HOST ?

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Part Number: TUSB1210EVM

currently, it tries to operate  [controller + usb 2.0 camera] .

The states of each jumper are as follows.

J1 [open]
J2 [open]
J3 [2-3]
J5 [1-2]

When configured in this way, the USB protocol analyzer recognizes it as LS communication.
How do I configure jumper pins for HS communication?
And when J9 is set to [2-3], the clock is not output, and I am curious what the functions of J8 and J11 are.

Please understand that the context is strange because I used Google Translator.

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  • Hi,

    For HS operation, configuration registers XcvrSelect and/or TermSelect must be changed by the MCU to enable HS communication. Default setting is FS/LS if not changed by the MCU.



  • J9 2-3


    j11- set

    j3-switch poition


  • In reply to Brian Zhou:

    When executing J9 [2-3], Vbus is not output. Is Vbus output only when TUSB1210 and MCU communicate?

  • In reply to kiyong nam:

    J9 is CS, which is nothing to do with Vbus, can you check CPEN ? it should be high to turn on Vbus in host mode

  • In reply to Brian Zhou:

    CPEN is in the LOW state.
    It was set to 1.8v on the reset pin.
    I purchased two TUSB1210EVMs and tested them under the same conditions, but none of them output Vbus.