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TCA9534: application

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Part Number: TCA9534

TCA9534 Vcc =3.3V, interrupt pin is open-drain , this pin can be pulled up to 1.8V ?

  • Hi Cooper,

    Yes, since the INT is open-drain it can support any pull up Vcc so long as it is within the recommended operating conditions and tied from INT to Vcc using a resistor (do not tie INT directly to Vcc without some kind of resistance).


  • In reply to BOBBY:

    Dear Bobby:

    Sorry that I double confirm with you, my mean is that  Vcc pin actually connected to 3.3V power supply,  now customer wants to connect  INT  to 1.8V with a resisitor, now INT pull high power is different from Vcc.  is it ok ?

  • In reply to Cooper Zhang1:

    Hi Copper,

    Yes, that is correct.