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TPS65988: Change PDO1 voltage output

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Part Number: TPS65988

I need to make the voltage output of PDO1 5.25V, how do I need to operate it?

I use TPS65988 and TPS55288 to connect with I2C1. The PDO1 setting of TPS65988 is 5V/3A, but I need PDO1 to actually output 5.25V. What should I do?

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    To comply with the USB PD specification, the PD controller must provide the fixed 5V/3A by default, if it is configured as a source. However, since you would like to source 5.25V/3A, you can simply add in another PDO and use this Source PDO2 to provide the 5.25V.

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    Hi Hari,

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    but I want to know if there is a way to make PDO1 display 5V, but actually output 5.25V.

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    Unfortunately, no you cannot output more than the advertised voltage for normal operation.

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