THVD1452: Supply current when a capacitive load is connected

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Part Number: THVD1452

Hello experts,

I have a question aboutu the Supply current of the THVD1452.

Will the supply current of the THVD1452 increase if a capacitive load is connected to the output?

I would like to know the supply current when 1000pF is connected to the output.

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  • Udai,

    The short answer is yes. Increasing the capacitive load is equivalent to drawing more current from the device. However the drawn current also depends on the data rate the device is running at. Please refer to this blog for the detail.



  • In reply to Hao L:

    Hello Hao,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have two questions to calculate the maximum loss.

    1. Can you tell me the maximum value of Vod? (Condiction:Vdd-3.3V Load=54 to 150ohm)

    2. Capacitance of the parasitic capacitor at the output pin.

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  • In reply to user6293641:


    With 3.3V supply and 150Ohm load, the maximum Vod could be around 3V. The differential parasitic capacitor value is about 20pF at the bus pins.