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TUSB2036: Transfer speed is very slow

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Part Number: TUSB2036

I made a USB hub, and succeeded recognize USB memory.

However, the hub transfer speed is less than 1MB/s both read and write.

How Can I speed up this hub?

This is the hub schematic.

I think the USB memory I used for testing has enough spec.

Here is a speed of the USB memory.


  • Hello,

    The TUSB2036 is a 12 Mbps USB full-speed hub, not a 480 Mbps USB high-speed hub.  If you place the USB full speed hub between the USB high speed host and the USB high speed memory, the data rate will drop to USB full speed.



  • In reply to JMMN:

    I understood it impossible high-speed transfer by using USB full-speed hub.

    May I ask do you know a chip for USB high-speed hub with 4 downstream(and also the hub with 3 downstream)?

    It would help me if typical application is in datasheet.

    Thank you.

  • In reply to naokitakatani:

    I would recommend the TUSB4041.  There is an EVM users guide with a schematic for this design available on the ti.com page.  If you have questions you can request a schematic review on E2E as well.



  • In reply to JMMN:

    Thank you for your recommend. That is exactly what I want. I'll try to make schematic with TUSB4041.