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TS3DV642: eDP MUX application confirm

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Part Number: TS3DV642

Hi team,

Could TS3DV642 be as a 2:1 MUX for eDP signal ?


Best Regards

Allen Gao 

  • Allen

    I don't see an issue using the TS3DV642 for the eDP application. You can also consider HD3SS213 or HD3SS214 for the eDP application.



  • In reply to David (ASIC) Liu:

    Hi David,

    This is a requirement for Automotive. So do we have Q100 device can meet this requirements?

    2:1 eDP MUX, one channel is from main platform, another is external input. The output is for a external panel. 

    Best Regards

    Allen Gao 

  • In reply to Allen Gao:


    We are in the process of releasing a TS3DV642-Q1, 

    Since this is a passive MUX, do they also need a redriver at the MUX output?