DS90UB941AS-Q1: DS90UB948-Q1, Unable to configure I2S

Part Number: DS90UB941AS-Q1


My SerDes configuration is : DS90UB941 <=> DS90UB948.

DS90UB941 serializes video and audio stream over the FPD-Link III cable. The display panel is having DS90UB948 De-serializer and is attached to the board via FPD-Link III cable. I can see the output video on the display panel but unable to hear the audio. 
I want to transfer audio in data island transport mode. The Host McASP sends audio data with 2 TDM slots.

Here are my questions:

1) On DS90UB948, the status of I2S PLL controller is locked to I2S input clock (0x1c[3] = 1). What exactly mean by this? Do we suppose that the I2S clock and I2S data have been reached at the deserializer? 

2) The Host McASP sends data in TDM format with 2 TDM slots. What register settings are required at serializer? Do I have to Enable TDM audio (0x54[2] = 1)  or Enable TDM to Parallel I2S conversion (0x55[7] = 1)?s

3) What are the general steps to enable the transfer of audio in data island transport mode while input to serializer is in TDM format with 2 slots?

4) On DS90UB948, I configured 3 I2S pins ( I2S_WC, I2S_CLK and I2S_Data). Do we need to generate MCLK and feed it to audio codec with other I2S lines?

I will be very thankful for your help and guidance.