DS90UB941AS-Q1: DS90UB948-Q1, Unable to configure I2S

Part Number: DS90UB941AS-Q1


My SerDes configuration is : DS90UB941 <=> DS90UB948.

DS90UB941 serializes video and audio stream over the FPD-Link III cable. The display panel is having DS90UB948 De-serializer and is attached to the board via FPD-Link III cable. I can see the output video on the display panel but unable to hear the audio. 
I want to transfer audio in data island transport mode. The Host McASP sends audio data with 2 TDM slots.

The Audio codec connected downstream with de-serializer is already configured for 48KHz and 24bit word size. My question is:

  1. Do we still need MCLK to feed to audio codec?  Or bit clock and word clock lines are enough?