SN75DP139: HDMIC CEC connection on SN75DP139RGZR

Part Number: SN75DP139


We are using SN75DP139RGZR to converted USB C (after cross mux) DP lines to HDMI conversion. It seems like there is no pin on SN75DP139RGZR to connect with the CEC of HDMI port. Please note that in our application we are not using any display port except the HDMI only. Can you please suggest where we should be connecting the CEC pin or we have tie it to GND or VDD?

Secondly, the sink side of the I2C connections will are connected to the HDMI but what about the source side I2C? Are they going to connect to the Aux connections of DP, if yes then any level translation or any intermediate circuitry is required?