DS90UB954-Q1: 933 and 954 configuration

Part Number: DS90UB954-Q1

Hi Team,

My customer now use 933(YUV422 RAW10 1920*720*30 ) and 954, lock and pass already ok. But no display.

Could you kindly help to check whether the configuration is ok?

static struct regval_list ds954_default_regs[] = {

            {0x33, 0x03},



            {0x20, 0x20},



            {0x4c, 0x01},



            {0x58, 0x58},



            {0x5c, 0x38},

            {0x5d, 0x60},



            {0x65, 0x80},



            {0x7c, 0xc0},

            {0x70, 0x1E},



            {0x6d, 0x7F},

            {0x33, 0x01},

  • Hello Amile,

    I have made some changes to the code, see below.

    Can you get the value from the registers 0x4D, 0x4E, and 0x72 to 0x76 ?

    0x4c, 0x01
    0x58, 0x58

    0x5c, 0x38
    0x5d, 0x60

    0x65, 0x80

    0x7c, 0xc0
    0x70, 0x1F //0x1F for 10-bit YUV422. If using 8-bit YUV422 the use 0x1E.
    0x6d, 0x7F

    0x33, 0x01
    0x20, 0x20

  • Hi Hamzeh,

         Thanks for your help,

         According to you said to modify, but still did not show,please help.


    0x4D = 0x3
    0x4E = 0x4
    0x72  = 0xE4
    0x73 to 0x76 are all 0x0
  • Hello Chunya,

    From the registers you provided, it look like there is no video data coming into the DES.

    you need to check the settings of your Image sensor and see if it really outputs video data into the SER.