TCAN1146-Q1: INH/Wake ORing

Part Number: TCAN1146-Q1

Hi Experts,

Do we have a deign proposal how to combine the INH and Wake pins when using multiple TCAN1146 in a system? Each Transceiver should be able to execute a Wake on CAN command.

BR Simon

  • Hi Simon,

    What do you mean by combine?

    The INH output for this device is open-source, so several devices can share the same signal line. If one of the devices is awake and asserting INH high, it will not impact the other devices. If multiple devices are awake and driving this pin, there is also no issue. The INH line will only be low (external pull-down) when all devices are asleep - essentially ORing all INH signals.

    The WAKE input pin can also be shared as long as the signal driver is capable of supplying current to all the input leakage paths. Each device can also have a unique or share a CAN bus and will be capable of waking on bus activity or from partial networking. 

    Does this answer your question? 

    Eric Schott