TUSB321: How do I use it for charger and the data transfer between the computer to the MCU of our device

Part Number: TUSB321
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: BQ25886, TPS65988

Dear Team,

I plan to use the TUSB321, BQ25886 (Battery Charger) and UBS-C connectors for the circuit with the feature below:

1. It has the intelligent wall load cube with 5V, 3A. (I.e.Apple & Samsung phones)

2. It should also be able to connect to all USB2.0, USB3.0, USB3.1 from the computer for data transfer. Is it smart enough to detect and prevent USB 2.0 over supply power because it is only provided up to 500mA.

Could you give me a sense of how these two things fit together?

Thanks in advance.

Luke Nguyen

  • Luke,

    The USB-PD-CHG-EVM-01 provides a good example of the type C control using the TSP25750 as well as an integrated battery charger.

    You will have to implement a USB3.X capable data path with a USB 3.X mux to handle the port orientation.  You can look at the TPS65988 EVM to see how a USB mux can be implemented.

    Between these two examples, you should have a good example of how to configure a system.