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ISO7741-Q1: Help to check replacement part the different between with F in the orderable number or not.

Part Number: ISO7741-Q1
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Hi Team,

Since some reason, customer is asking the BOM 2 BOM replace solution.

They use our ISO7741FQDWRQ1 in currently design, and this is an already MP stage project.

Please help to check below item:

  1. Does we have any solution can BOM to BOM replace ISO7741FQDWRQ1 ?
  2. What is the different between ISO7741FQDWRQ1 and  ISO7741QDWRQ1?



  • Hi Kai,

    Thanks for reaching out. Please find below my inputs,

    Does we have any solution can BOM to BOM replace ISO7741FQDWRQ1 ?

    The devices that can safely be used in place of ISO7741FQDWRQ1 are ISO7741FDWR and ISO7741FEDWRQ1. Please note that ISO7741FDWR doesn't go through automotive screening tests. Hence, customer would have to consider this before accepting the device.

    What is the different between ISO7741FQDWRQ1 and  ISO7741QDWRQ1?

    The difference between these two devices is the default output state. Device with 'F' suffix has a default LOW output state while device with no 'F' suffix has a default output state of HIGH. For most applications, choosing one over the other might not be an issue but for some other applications this can be an issue. Customer, who has the most knowledge of his end product, is the best person to judge if a change in default state of isolator affects his end product. Based on this, he can make a decision on whether to choose one over the other. Thanks.

    Koteshwar Rao

  • Hi Koteshwar,

    Thanks for your reply!

    May I know the different between  ISO7741FQDWRQ1 & ISO7741FEDWRQ1 ?
    This is a Auto project, so the Q1 grade is necessary for customer.


  • Hi Kal,

    ISO7741FQDWRQ1 is a Grade 1 auto qualified device that supports a temperature range of -40C to 125C while ISO7741FEDWRQ1 is a Grade 0 auto qualified device with a temperature range of -40C to 150C. Hence, ISO7741FQDWRQ1 can be safely replaced with ISO7741FEDWRQ1 without any issues. Thanks.

    Koteshwar Rao