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[FAQ] [H] Isolated Interfaces - Top Questions, Answered

Quickly find solutions to common questions about isolated interface devices by clicking this link. This FAQ answers the most common questions asked about these devices …… ……… …

FAQ: Isolation >> Isolated Interfaces

Digital Isolators Isolated Interfaces Transformer Drivers

I2C Isolators:

  1. [FAQ] Why is the logic LOW level output voltage, VOL1, up to 0.8V on Side 1 of the ISO1540 and ISO1541 bidirectional I2C isolators?
  2. [FAQ] ISO1640: Why are the maximum load capacitance and load current ratings for Side 1 of the ISO1640/ISO1641 less than Side 2?
  3. [FAQ] Can I connect two unidirectional channels on digital isolators to achieve a bidirectional channel for I2C communication?
  4. [FAQ] What are the recommended logic HIGH and LOW voltage levels that can be applied to the isolated I2C devices, ISO1540 and ISO1541?
  5. [FAQ] What is the current consumption of the isolated I2C devices, ISO1540 and ISO1541?

RS-485 Isolated Transceivers:

  1. [FAQ] How do you generate isolated power for an isolated RS-485 node?
  2. [FAQ] How do you configure a RS485 Full-duplex transceiver as Half-duplex?
  3. [FAQ] What kind of transient protection do you need with isolated RS-485 devices?
  4. [FAQ] What is the relationship between cable length and data rate for TI's isolated RS-485 transceivers?
  5. [FAQ] When is isolating an RS-485 bus necessary?
  6. [FAQ] What is the speed vs. length correlation for isolated RS-485?

Isolated Digital Inputs:

  1. [FAQ] How do you isolate multiple digital input channels with limited board space?
  2. [FAQ] How do you provide an LED status indicator with ISO121x digital input receiver devices?
  3. [FAQ] How do you set current limits and voltage thresholds in your system using digital input modules?
  4. [FAQ] What is sinking type and sourcing type inputs?
  5. [FAQ] How to set sinking type or sourcing type in ISO1228?

Isolated USB:

  1. [FAQ] ISOUSB111: Can I use ISOUSB111 as a replacement device for ADuM3160 / ADuM4160?
  2. [FAQ] ISOUSB211: I would like to order ISOUSB111 or ISOUSB211 samples, but they are out of stock on TI website. Is there any other way I can still order these parts?