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SN6501-Q1: Loss estimation for worst case analysis

Part Number: SN6501-Q1


There is no loss estimation curve in the datasheet for SN6501-Q1, how can i perform worst case analysis to calculate junction temperature of this IC?

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  • Hi Julio,

    I have a correction in my previous post. Apologies for a reposting the answer.

    The loss in SN6501 device will be due to the switch resistance in the driver stage, that is  I2RDS-ON , where 'I' is the primary side current. 

    For SN6501's maximum transforemer drive current of 150mA at 3.3V Vcc, with max 3Ω RDS-ON , the power loss is calculated as below, 

    I2RDS-ON = 0.15*0.15*3 = 67mW power loss.

    This power loss value can be used to estimate junction temp based on package theta numbers  mentioned in the datasheet.