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ISO3082: iso RS485 Power consumption compare to discreet

Part Number: ISO3082

We must implement an isolated RS485 Half Duplex Interface with 2500V Isolation and a Slew-Rate limited Driver for 11500 Baud. So we found the IS3092 IC which combines a RS485 Transceiver and a galvanic isolation. The isolated Power for the Transsceiver is generated with an SN6501.


During calculation of power consumption (No Load) we run in a problem:

 iso 3086.docx

1. Datasheet page 11, Figure 5. ISO3082 Supply Current vs Data Rate With No Load


The Power Consumption at ICC2 of 25 mA@5V at 100 kBit is significant higher than an discrete Solution ISO7141+SN65HVD3082E (9+5=11 mA)


The faster part, for example ISO0386 (20 Mbaud) consumes only 11 mA at 1 MBaud.



  • Is this an failure in the datasheet?
  • What is the difference between the ISO3082 and the ISO7141+SN65HVD3082E?