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ISO3082: ISO3082 vs ADM2483 in terms of power consumption

Part Number: ISO3082

Hello, dear hotline.

My customer' s looking for a replacement part for isolated RS485 - ADM2483. He looks at ISO3082 but there're some doubts.

Their design is half-duplex, 3.3V on one side and 5V on the other side (485 line).

Does smb have maybe fighting guide comparison between ISO3082 and ADM2483 power consumption.

It's important to know what is current consumption on VCC1 (and also the consumption on all inputs from VCC1 side), when VCC2 is fully turned off (=0) &  DE RE are also turned off

In other words customer wants the minimal current consumption on VCC1 in device standby mode (in turned off condition). He can't see this parameter in ADM2483 datasheet.

It will be great if you could provide such comparison between ISO and ADM.

BR, Anastasia