CAN Isolator with SN65HVD232

Hi Sirs,

We are looking for CAN Isolator .

The CAN transceiver is SN65HVD232.

Does TI have suitable CAN Isolator  can share for us (ISO7721) ?

We couldn't use ISO1050 because our VrefA and Vref B both are 3.3V.


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  • Hi Shu-Cheng,

    As you have mentioned, we can go with a combination solution of isolator +Can device (ISO7721 + SN65HVD232). There is a TIDesign of isolator + CAN + Integrated isolated power which uses ISOW78xx instead of ISO77xx. If interested this TI Design (TIDA-00893) can be used directly for your system or replace ISOW78xx with ISO77xx and can be used if integrated isolated power is not required.

    Anand Reghunathan