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ISOW7842: ISOW7842 logic input threshold levels

Part Number: ISOW7842

Support Path: /Product/Development and troubleshooting/


I wanted to make sure that the levels for the logic thresholds are as follows:

Vitl= 0.3 * Vsupply

Vith= 0.7* Vsupply

The spec sheet on page 10 instead of showing the multiplication in the value uses "Vsi" as units.

Thanks for confirming.



  • Hi Alberto,

    Thank you for using our E2E forum.

    Yes, you are correct about the thresholds.
    Also true on the units used; because this part has two power supplies, the input supply (Vsi) and the output supply (Vso) were used as units to make it clear which supply value was to be used for multiplication. The expansion of these acronyms are listed as a footnote under the table in the same page (10).

    However I acknowledge that this may not be as clear as intended. I will relay this feedback to our team .

    Thank you,
    Abhi Aarey