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ISO7760: DC/DC swiching noise interference concerns

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Part Number: ISO7760


The customer is designing their ISO7760 PCB as below picture:

The big red box is an isolated DCDC REM6E-1711074 in top layer, REM6E-1711074 datasheet is in attached. But in bottom layer small red box is ISO7760.

This PCB board is 2 layer, and there is no copper GND.

Customer want to know whether our ISO7760 will be interfered by isolated DC/DC.

Do you have some suggestions?


  • Hi Rock,

    Thank you for reaching out..

    Since the DC/DC is operating at about 120kHz, I believe it shouldn't be an issue under normal operating conditions. Are there any specific EMC tests that customer is going to run on the DC/DC? If yes, then we recommend customer to conduct those sufficiently to rule out any EMC related issues. Thanks.

    Koteshwar Rao