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SN6505B: Can a single SN6505B used to drive two transformer to generate 2 isolated Power supply?

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Part Number: SN6505B

There is a purpose to develop 2 separate 5V isolated power supplies for two CAN module in our system.

Can a single SN6505B gate driver be used to drive two transformer in order to generate the 2 Power supply.

If feasible, What are the design considerations for such designs? 

  • Hi Mutum,

    Thank you for posting to E2E! It is possible to generate two isolated power supplies using a single SN6505B and two transformers as shown in the schematic below:

    The primary consideration to keep in mind is the SN6505 can only sink 1A of current on the primary side of the power supply, so its 5W generation capability is divided between both supplies.

    Is there additional information I can provide? Please let me know.

    Manuel Chavez