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ISO1050: tracking resistance(CTI)

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Part Number: ISO1050


in the VDE certification below:


In page 38, CTI is 300M2,

In page 49, CTI is 400.

What doesn 300M2 means here? Thanks.

  • Hi Howard,

    In page 38, I believe "M2" in 300M2 refers to "Material Group II" but please do allow me to check with an expert on the standards from our team and come back to you on this.

    Regarding CTI being different in pages 38 and 49 is that, the one in page 49 is in accordance with DIN EN 61010-1 (VDE 0411-1) while page 38 doesn't refer to this standard. Thanks.

    Koteshwar Rao

  • Hi Howard,

    Thank you for posting to E2E! "300M2" on pages 36 - 45 references Appendix 300M2 on page 46 for the CTI spec. The appendix on page 46 (copied below) shows CTI to be 400:

    Please let us know if this is helpful.

    Manuel Chavez

  • Hi Howard,

    300M2 is referring to the Appendix Number. In other words, page 38 is referring to page 49 (which is appendix no. 300M2).

    So CTI of ISO1050 is 400 V which means Material Group II.

    I hope this is clear.

    Saleem Marwat

    System Engineer

    Isolation Products, Texas Instruments