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ISO1432: RS422 output impedance?

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Part Number: ISO1432

Hi Team, 

This is customer request, can you please support:


In the datasheet I found the device I/O schematics for only the UART side (below Fig.), kindly provide me with the device I/O schematic from the RS422 side OR the driver output impedance.


Thanks in advance

Best Regards

Furkan Sefiloglu

  • Hi Furkan,

    Here's the basic form of a schematic for an RS-485 input receiver and output driver. 

    Figure 1: Differential line receiver

    Figure 2: RS-485 Driver

    Unfortunately the driver output impedance is not simply a set value and will appear to change based on the characteristics of the bus being driven. However, we do provide an I-V curve for the differential output driver so customers may see how this device may behave under certain conditions.

    Figure 3: ISO14xx Differential Driver I-V 

    I hope these figures help clarify the customer's questions. Let me know if you need anything else.