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ISO1540: far side, mcu side

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Part Number: ISO1540


Iso1540, what is the difference between side1 and side2.

Which side should be connected to local MCU, and which side to far sensor.

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  • Side 2 supports a higher output current and a higher capacitive load, so this is where long traces/cables should be.

  • In reply to Clemens Ladisch:

    Hi Avinoam,

    In addition to what Clemens has shared, I would also like to mention that Side1 of ISO1540 is meant to be connected to only one node irrespective of the capacitance of load and to the one that is closest. Hence, Side1 should be the local MCU and while Side2 can be connected to multiple nodes and the ones that farther away.

    Please do also make sure the I/O logic levels of ISO1540 and the devices connecting are compatible, just to be sure. I am also sharing you a blog below that talks about the top 6 questions that we get on I2C.
    I would also like to mention that we have released announced the launch of ISO1640 which is a next generation version of ISO1540 and is pin-compatible as well. Hence, I would recommend you to use the latest I2C isolator, ISO1640.


    Let me know if you have any questions, thank you.

    Koteshwar Rao