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SN6505B-Q1: Transformer recommendation and EMI test Result

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Part Number: SN6505B-Q1

Hi expert,

Now SN6505 is under evaluation on customer side. The competitor is CF0505XT and CWRF1215S. Those two device are all integrate transformer inside. We want to replace it by SN6505.

Customer care about EMI performance,  For SN6505A and SN6505B, which one is better? Could you recommend a transformer for customer?

In addition, could you share the EMI test result for SN6505? If this is NDA file, please sent email to me(Songzhen-guo@ti.com). Thanks.

Here are requirement:

1. 5V to 5V---- I let customer to follow SN6505BEVM

Input voltage: 5V;

Output voltage: 5V;

Output voltage: 80mA;

Isolation voltage level: 2.5 kV

Application: Isolated CAN transceiver( SN6505+ ISO1042)

Total Cost: <$1.7

2. 5V to 15V  ---- could you recommend existed solution?

Input voltage: 5V;

Output voltage: 15V;

Output voltage: 40mA;

Isolation voltage level: 2.5 kV;

Application: Isolated Power supply for High voltage side( LM46002+ SN6505)

Total Cost: <$2

Best Regards

Songzhen Guo

  • Hi Songzhen,

    Thank you for reaching out.
    Since SN6505A (160k Hz) operates at lower frequency than SN6505B (420 kHz), the lower frequency device SN6505A would be better from radiated emissions point of view although we expect both devices to offer satisfactory emissions performance for most applications.

    I will reach out to you over email to share more information in this regard, thanks.

    Koteshwar Rao