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ISO7731-Q1: Reminders when changing packages.

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Part Number: ISO7731-Q1


Customer is reviewing ISO7731-Q1 for Electronic Compressor Project.

We are considering changing the package from SOIC16 to SSOP16.

When the PCB is fitted, the physical insulation distance between pads is deemed sufficient for SSOP16.

Please provide us with a guide on the parts that need to be checked additionally for package change application.

  • Hi Cho,

    Thanks for reaching out. If customer isolation requirements are met using ISO7731-Q1 in SSOP-16 package and the package creepage / clearance requirements are met accordingly, then that would be sufficient from package and high voltage point of view.

    Additionally, I would recommend that the decoupling caps of 0.1µF for VCC are placed close to device pins (preferably within 2mm distance from device pins) as specified in the datasheet. Thanks.

    Koteshwar Rao