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ISO6721-Q1: Isolation on RX and TX

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Part Number: ISO6721-Q1

Hello Team,

My Customer is working with XISO6721FBQDRQ1 and wondering if they have to use a digital isolator with "default high" or "default low" to isolate their RXD TXD signals from CAN Transceiver?



  • Hi Renan,

    Choosing between a default HIGH (non-F) or a default LOW (F) device depends on what state does customer wants the device to be in when the inputs are not driven / left floating or when the input is not powered. For CAN applications, the bus should be in recessive state (HIGH logic state) in idle conditions and hence using a non-F would be best. i.e., XISO6721BQDRQ1 would be a suitable device. Thanks.

    Koteshwar Rao