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Lifetime curves request

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Part Number: ISO7731

Hi  Bu;

My customer is asking for the lifetime curves request under the condition below , could you please offer it ? 

  • Hi Jason,

    As described in section of ISO7731 datasheet, the industry standard lifetime / TDDB test for isolation barrier is done in 2-pin configuration (shown in Figure 26) where all pins of device are shorted together in two groups to create two pins across the isolation barrier and hence, the device cannot be powered. The ambient temperature during the test is set to 150C, as also indicated in Figure 27. Hence, this data is applicable for all the temperatures upto 150C ambient temperature.

    Since 2-pin configuration is the worst-case test which stresses all the isolation channels of device, the result is expected to similar or better when device is tested in powered condition where only two pins of device can be applied high voltage and stressing only a few channels of device.

    Please do let customer know that the TDDB data shown in datasheet applies to powered test conditions as well, including the test conditions that you have listed out. Thanks.

    Koteshwar Rao

  • In reply to Koteshwar Rao:

    Hi  Koteshwar:

    Thanks for your prompt reply , i will reply customer and keep you posted.