SN6505A: Adding CLK while the device is disabled

Part Number: SN6505A

Hi team,

My customer will use SN6505A for his application and he is asking some basic questions.

  1. Is it okay to input clock to CLK pin while the device is disabled as long as CLK pin satisfies rating?
  2. As for sequence for each pins(CLK, EN, VCC), VCC should come first since abs rating of CLK and EN  is <VCC + 0.5V . There is not limitation for sequence of CLK and EN after VCC power-up.
    Is this understanding correct?

Best regards,

Shota Mago

  • Hi Mago-san:

    Thanks for posting your question on E2E!

    Below are my answers to your questions.

    1. An external clock can be applied to CLK pin when EN=LOW without any issues as long as the CLK pin absolute maximum ratings are met. However, please note that the input clock cannot be applied to the CLK pin when the device Vcc is not present. The voltage at CLK pin should be less than (Vcc+0.5) V as stated in the device absolute maximum ratings table.
    2. Yes, your understanding is correct.



  • Hi Dushmantha-san,

    Thank you so much for your very quick response!

    Best regards,

    Shota Mago