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Buck converter and driver in the same package with PWM inputs

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UCC27424-Q1, UCC27200-Q1, TIDA-00120


I would like to know if there is any buck converter and driver in the same package with PWM inputs. I am going to use it with a C2000 piccolo with MPPT algorithm.

Thank you.

  • Hi Pablo,

    I'm a little confused by exactly what you are looking for. Buck converter normally implies the "PWM" or control logic and gate pre-driver for a DCDC regulator is in one device and the power transistors are external. By driver do you mean FETs or a FET driver? Or are you looking for a gate pre-driver plus FETs integrated that you can put the PWM inputs into? There are half bridge drivers such as UCC27200-Q1 or low side MOSFET drivers such as UCC27424-Q1 that could take the PWM (logic) signal and drive MOSFETs from these signals if they type of device is what you are looking for.

    There is a TI Design for MPPT, TIDA-00120 see and a C2000 Piccolo Grid-tied Solar Micro Inverter with MPPT tool at:

    You have posted to the automotive forum, maybe you should also try the C2000 piccolo forum to see if users on the MCU/DSP side have some additional insight.

    Once we get a little clarity on what you are looking for hopefully we can help point you in the right directly.

    Best Regards,
  • Thank you very much for your reply,

    I want to find a package where the driver for the buck´s gate and the buck itself are together. My application would be very low powered, around 15W, so I was thinking that I could avoid having the mosfets and inductor separated from the driver, as the power dissipation would be very low. So in few words, I want a low powered buck converter and its driver in the same package, to control it with a 3.3V PWM. Also the input voltage range would be 3V-20V and the output 5V connected to a battery.

    I hope this could clarify a bit my previous detail lacking explanation.

    Thank you again.

  • Hi Pablo,

    Then it seems you may be looking for a buck converter module, where a buck, FETs, inductor, etc are already on a small module.  A quick search on that topic is module&tisearch=Search-EN-Everything#

    Another good starting place to look is at the power management, buck regulator page:  

    This will help you find branches into various buck options.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Pablo,

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