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SPI Driver Selection

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Hi there, we are looking for a 2-4 bit level shifter from TI to shift between 1V8/3V3 to 5V0. SPI_CLK and SPI_MOSI will be routed through this driver and will go to a relatively long LED strip. The intention is to run the interface at 4 MHz.

We are looking at the following devices for this application:
TXB0104 / TXB0104-Q1

We have the following questions:
- are any of the devices above not recommended for this application? ie. drive strength, speed

- what is the major difference between the TXB and TXU line? We are familiar with the TSX and TXB drivers.

- besides the different number of bits, how are TXS0102 and TXS0104E different? What does the E represent?

Thanks in advance