SN74AXCH8T245: 25MHz translation issue 3.3V to 0.75V

Part Number: SN74AXCH8T245
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SN74LVC1G3157, TS5A63157, SN74LVC2G53


We are using  SN74AXCH8T245PWR in our design to convert 25MHz signal from 3.3V to 0.75V. When we got the board and test it, we see that this part is not supporting 25MHz at these voltages and only supporting till 5MHz. Request you to let us know about possible solution to mitigate this issue.

We see that if we change the lower side voltage from 0.75V to 1V, it is working fine. But it is not an option for us.

Is there any alternate device or planned device to support this requirement, please suggest.


Sharath Chandra

  • There is no logic device that has enough drive strength at 0.75 V.

    It might be possible to construct your own buffer. Use a 2:1 switch with a high bandwidth and very fast switching time (e.g., SN74LVC1G3157, SN74LVC2G53, TS5A63157), connect one input to GND, and the other to the 0.75 V supply. Use your 25 MHz signal as the selection control input. The actual switching time depends also on the drive strength of the 0 V/0.75 V supplies.