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Ballout for SN74LVC1G332 (YEP and YZP packages) not 100% clear...

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Hi TI Logic Support Group,

Looking at datasheet for SN74LVC1G332 ( ballout for YEP and YZP packages on page 1 is numbered 1-6, whereas signals on footprint drawing on page 21 have names A1-C2. I assume (based on i.e. YZP package page 1) that ball 1 is corresponding to ball A1 for the SN74LVC1G332 device as well, although I as said don't think it based on the SN74LVC1G332 datasheet only is 100% clear?..

I will therefore kindly ask you to confirm if/that my assumption is correct and as well hope that you can use this information for updating the SN74LVC1G332 datasheet to be 100% clear for the future...

Best regards and thanks in advance

  • Hi Saren

      The pin map on the package drawing has nothing to do with the pin names.  The package drawing is generic and used for all parts with the same package.

    The pin drawings on page one will be the correct device pin names.

  • Hi Chris,

    I'm not sure you got my questions right. In case official names are 1 to 6 (from page 1) package (on page 21) as well will need to have some kind of pin 1 indicator. Currently it on page 21 only have a ball A1 indicator. Only info I miss is a 100% sure confirmation if/that pin 1 (from page 1) = Ball A1 (from page 21), as I otherwise don't know how package is supposed to be turned when being assembled.

    I fully agree that pin 1 most likely equal ball A1, but strictly speaking it could equal ball C2 as it (at least as far as I can see) isn't stated in datasheet for this particular device (as it is on page 1 for the other device referred to for an example)...

     Hoping the question/comment is clear this time? Best regards and thanks again

  • see attached may help

    If you set the part where you can read the top side mark then pin 1 is lower left.

    Packing Methodology.pdf
  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the attachment, although it unfortunatley didn't helped me a lot either, as I think it is much more "assembly stuff" than what I originally asked for. Please read my above posts again, and please just let me know if I can assume that the ball called 1 on page 1 is the same as the one called A1 on page 21?

    As said the figure on page 21 (and package) only have a ball A1 marker, whereas logical connection to gate only is given as balls 1,2,3,4,5,6.

    Logical choice of cause is that ball 1= ball A1, but as said I still don't think this is stated anywhere 100% in black on white (as it is for the other device I referred to, where figure on page 1 both contain numbers (1 to 6) and balls (A1-C2). Hoping you can clarify if/that that this same mapping is valid for this device?

    Alternative just let me know that the marker on the package actually correspond to ball 1 from page 1. The datasheet states that package marking is referring to ball A1, but as said there is no mapping between pin 1 and ball A1 anywhere in the datasheet. Basically the only (and expected easy, but apparently more difficult) question I originally had (and still have) :-)

    Best regards and thanks again in advance


  • Hi Soren

    A1 will be pin 1. If there is a mark on the top side. a dot or a stripe then that will also indicate pin 1. Usually pin 1 ball will also have something different to indicate pin 1. it may be on the pad under the ball.

    Pin 1 is also always oriented the same way in the tape and reel.  Also if you look at the top, where you can read the lettering then pin 1 is lower left. 

    Each of our packaging sites may indicate pin 1 differently on the top side. it may be a stripe, a dot, or a beveled edge. seeing these on thes tiny parts is sometimes dificult.

    I will see if I can find some pictures.

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the feedback. Highly appreciated. As said I just needed the "Ball A1 = Pin 1" statement as that is missing to be 100% clear in datasheet, although I agree it's the only logical choice, but better safe than sorry :-). From there I can take it with the marking/edge/stribe on the package - No problem, so no rush/need for finding pictures...

    Best regards and thanks again