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Level converter question

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Hi TI and forum

I need a level converter to converter a 5V signal to a 3.3V signal. The signal is a simple rectangular 5V pulse of 10 microseconds duration. Once converted to 3.3 volts this signal will edge-trigger a hardware interrupt on one of the GIO pins of the TI Hercules LaunchPad microcontroller evaluation board. What would be a good choice for the level converter? I need a level converter that can be hand soldered. Also, the Hercules board is powered by a 5V source. Can the recommended level converter be powered by the 5V source to the Hercules LaunchPad?

Thank you,


  • Hi Dan,
    The SN74CBTD1G125 may be a good fit for your application. It takes a single 5-V supply and can output at 3.3 V. It is also in a SOT package which, although it is small, still has leads for hand-soldering. This device works best at low frequencies, which is fine for your 10 us pulse.

    There are other options if you have a 3.3-V rail readily available. What is your end application?
  • Hi Ryan

    My end application is to interface a synchronization signal (the 10 us pulse mentioned previously) coming from a MRI scanner to a TI microcontroller (Hercules Launchpad) which will control a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation device. I ordered the SN74CBTD1G125DCKR but they are too small (SMD) for me to work with. I need a through-hole IC that will fit on a bread board. What do you have available? I do have 3.3V and 5V rails to work with. Alternatively do you have an adapter for the SN74LVC1G125DCKR so that I can use it for prototyping on a breadboard?


  • Ryan

    Do you think the TXB0104 will work for my application?
  • Moving to Translation forum for extra visibility. I think that part will be fine as long as your pulse meets the minimum edge rates.

  • Dan,
    I think SN74LVCxT45/245 is more suitable. For one channel, it is SN74LVC1T45. For two channel, it is SN74LVC2T45.