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Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TPIC6B595, TXB0104

Hi dear engineers!  I want to find an analog for TPIC6B595, wich will be able to work with a 3.3 V logic level (logic level of the TPIC6B595 is >4.5V). My system is based on 3.3V. May be there is a solve? I was unable to find a similar part on a site. Thanks.

  • Hi Roman,

    for a start , you need to look for "overvoltage tolerant inputs" logic devices and most of the SN74LVC devices are overvoltage tolerant.
    What do you need specifically , is it an inverter or buffer or other logic gates ?
  • I use TPIC6B595 to control a relay, but I changed the system voltage to 3.3V for a battery applications, however, in that case i don't use the relay, but i use a LEDs or lamps. I want to do the universal system (5 - 3.3V). All other components of a system work in all the range of voltage. I able mount the layout pattern for additional IC (shift register with 25 mA outputs with tolerance to 3.3-5 V ), but i don't have a place on a board. (sorry for my English) If I understand correctly, it is impossible to find an analogue TPIC6B595 with tolerance to 3.3 V? An alternative is a lever translator or an additional shift register (25mA) for 3.3V applications?
  • Thank you all! I solved the problem by using the TXB0104 (level translator). Topic can be closed!